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Pogoplug with Debian

October 28, 2012

After while I thought that I blow some life into my Pogoplud (v2).

First there was decision between Arch Linux and Debian. Arch Linux looks nice but as I’m using Ubuntu on my laptop then the choice was Debian because it will look more familiar.

I found really nice guide how to put Debian on Pogoplug.

It is fairly easy and it is even more easy when you do not follow too strictly.

For example I did not use fdisk to create needed partitions. I just took my USB stick and used GParted on my Ubuntu laptop to do the job.

How to get back your original Pogoplug installation? Just take the USB stick out and reboot.

Command lsusb does not work out of the box. You need to install usbutils to get it to work.

apt-get install usbutils

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  1. Hey, found this olde post of yours…. I used a Pogoplug too way back then. Was fun but way to slow for extensive backups.

    That was when I still geeked around with hardware…. ;-)

    • I believe I was only into the geeky part of it. Had some of the practical applications on my mind but other interests took over. But I still have many small computers that I could play with if I wanted to. Important thing now is to not to buy more of them. :)

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